Preorder guidelines

Prepay Online/credit card only. $50 minimum order.

The cutoff for all preorders is 2 PM this Thursday, April 9th. On Friday, April 10th you may pickup your order at the Stirring Coffeehouse at 2250 Churn Creek starting 5 PM. This week our free delivery starts 4:30 PM. Your driver will call when they are headed to you, and you will receive your BBQ usually no later than 5:30 PM. 

Delivery offered in Redding only. 


We suggest at least 1/2 pound of meat per person. Healthy eaters will eat much more. We provide pickles and bbq sauce order.

  • Sale!

    Tri Tip Family Meal

    • USDA Prime Tri Tip (approx 2 lbs)
    • Broccoli Salad, Mac n Cheese, Slaw, Rolls

    $80.00 $65.00
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  • Central Texas Style Brisket

    • Seasoned simply with kosher salt and black pepper.
    • Smoked for up to 16 hours.

    $30.00 /lb
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  • St Louis Style Ribs

    • Memphis dry rub
    • Feeds 2-3 people.

    $30.00 /rack
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Our sides feed 2-4 people, assuming you order a 1/2 pound of meat per person. Example: For a family of four we suggest 2 pounds of meat and 2-3 sides. 

  • Cranberry Broccoli Salad

    We make converts everyday with this raw broccoli salad. It's creamy, sweet, and delicious. Like the slaw, it’s a great contrast to our smokey meat.

    $7.00 /pint
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  • Sweet and Sour Slaw

    This is one of Momma Odell’s family classics. Our slaw is little sweet and a little sour. It provides a great contrast to our smokey meats.

    $7.00 /pint
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  • White Cheddar Mac n Cheese

    When you want mac n cheese, this is what you want. The ultimate and most popular pairing with our brisket. (Get two. Cause you'll want one just for you.)

    $8.00 /pint
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  • Rolls (Half Dozen)

    Momma Odell’s Honey Butter Yeast Roll (If you need more of description than that, we don’t know what to tell ya.)

    $8.00 /pint
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  • Mama Shari’s Kombucha Grape Lime

    Delicious blend of sweet concord grapes, tart lime, and smooth black tea. 64 oz Growler.

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  • Mama Shari’s Kombucha Hibiscus Pineapple Ginger

    Well balanced floral flavors of tart hibiscus, sweet pineapple, and pungent ginger. 64 oz Growler.

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